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Piety stall

The parish piety stall provides a good range of items such as bibles and booklets, rosaries and other devotional items, to help with daily prayer and learning more about the faith.

We are open every Sunday before and after 11am Mass.

We currently stock a range of CTS books and booklets and rosaries suitable for First Communion children.

If you are thinking about getting a gift for a first communion child, we offer a 10% discount and a free gift bag when you pick any CTS Children's book or booklet + any Rosary + any Medal or Necklace.

Do you want to get to know Jesus better? What would be a better way than to read and meditate on the Gospels?

We offer standard and compact edition CTS Bibles, which use exactly the same translation as the one we hear at Mass. We also have a selection of booklets with devotions and reflections particularly for this season of Lent.

Display showing bibles and booklets on the shop counter.

We have a wide selection of Mass and Occasion cards, for Baptism, First Holy Communion, Anniversary, St Patrick's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, etc…

First holy communion card.
Mass card.
Get well soon card.
Mother's Day card.
Anniversary of Ordination card.

We have a wide range of Rosaries - smaller, larger, one decade, black or colourful. Come and have a look. If you’re after something unique, we also have a small number of unique, handmade rosaries, available in the piety stall or our Etsy shop.

White, pearl rosary with gold finish crucifix and medal.
Selection of rosaries on teh counter.
Pardon Crucifix with Pink Agate Rosary beads in the background.

We offer a selection of religious jewellery, such as bracelets, medals and necklaces. Small religious medals can be worn on a chain or cord as a necklace or added to a bracelet or a rosary. If you need any help attaching them - please ask.

Bracelet detail.
Small religious medals.
Bracelet with small religious medals.

If you want to bring some devotional items to your home - we offer handmade Greek icons, wall pictures, crucifixes and holy water fonts.

Small Holy Water font.
Crucifix detail.

Are you looking for something specific that we don’t stock at the moment? Do you have any suggestions on what else to stock in our piety stall? Feel free to get in touch: