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St Augustine's Catholic Church

Lord, by the power of your Holy Spirit living within me, may I always be alert for the signs of your life and love in the world around me. Help me at all times to be ready for you.

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Our Mission

Located in the heart of Manchester Metropolitan University, St Augustine's church serves the surrounding community as a sanctuary of peace and prayer amidst a very bustling area.

Everyone is welcome to be part of our community, and we hope you feel it can be your spiritual home. We all have a calling or mission given to us by God; together here at St Augustine's we can fulfil that mission and be a visible and welcoming witness to everyone of the message of God's love. We do that by getting to know Jesus together, realising what he has done for us, and then following his example of serving those around us with love.

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When Augustine of Canterbury arrived in England in the year 597, he had a very important mission: to bring Christianity to the people of this new land. Although he had originally been a monk back in Rome, he now found himself as the first Archbishop of Canterbury, establishing Christianity throughout England and converting countless people along the way. Despite facing many challenges, Augustine was unwavering in his commitment to spreading the word of God across the English countryside. In fact, he is often referred to as the "Apostle to the English"", as it was his tireless dedication that brought Christianity to this corner of the world. Today, his legacy lives on not only through the many parishes and institutions that bear his name, but also through all those who continue to be inspired by his steadfast faith and determination.

St Augustine of Hippo

Parish area

The parish covers all of Hulme, Chorlton-on-Medlock (the Brunswick estate), all the Manchester Universities, and some of the city centre with the border going along Portland Street to Piccadilly train station. It is a very vibrant and diverse area and community!